Maintenance advice

If you come across an issue with the property during your tenancy, you may need to get in touch with us but remember, some everyday issues such as replacing a light bulb, setting the timer on the boiler, and defrosting the freezer are your responsibility.

  1. Emergencies
  2. Repairs
  3. Common maintenance issues


Please call the office immediately if you believe you have an emergency.

It is important to understand the difference between an emergency and a matter that you would like dealt with swiftly. For example, a fire or gas leak is an emergency and you must get yourself to safety. However, having no hot water is not an emergency and can be dealt with during working hours.


For general repairs please use our report a repair service, alternatively you can email into our office at

If you have just moved into your property, it is best to give it a couple days and as a group compile one list of repairs you may have noticed and email this to the email address above.

Common maintenance issues

  • Light bulbs not working – While it is the landlords’ responsibility to ensure the light bulbs are all functioning at the start of the tenancy, after this point is it the tenants’ responsibility to change any bulbs.
  • Boiler not working – Commonly the boiler will need repressurising. This can be identified on the dial of the boiler which would have gone below 1 bar if it needs repressurising.
  • Smoke/Heat/Carbon monoxide detectors – Changing the battery is a tenants’ responsibility.
  • Click here for damp, condensation and mould advice.

Please call 01904 411111 if you have any questions, or would simply like more information, alternatively contact us now.