Moving out

  1. Arrangements for moving out
  2. For managed properties – Keys
  3. Disposal of rubbish
  4. Cleaning

Arrangements for moving out

If we are managing your house, we will contact you about arrangements to move out. If we work on a tenant find basis only, you need to contact your landlord to make the necessary arrangements.

For managed properties – Keys

You must move out by midday on the end date of you tenancy agreement and a full set of keys should be returned to the office by 1pm.

You can of course move out before the start date, in which case you can drop your keys of at our office during working hours or you can put them in a sealed envelope with your name and property address clearly marked and pop them through the letterbox.

Disposal of rubbish

Please bear in mind that the weekly (or fortnightly) rubbish collection will only take the contents of your one wheelie bin, or a normal number of bin bags.  Therefore, if you have a year’s collection of accumulated clutter, you need to plan in advance and start clearing it early, or take it to the council depot yourself.  You can use the household waste and recycling centres without the usual household permits, provided that you have a valid student union card with photograph. The council offers guidance and help for disposal of rubbish which can be found here.


Please do not underestimate the time required to clean the property thoroughly and leave the work until too late.  We do have a checklist (link PDF) for cleaning, which is very comprehensive, to (we admit!) the point of being excessive.  However we issue this so you can fully appreciate the work required.  The list has one significant fault as it gives no idea of the timescale required.  In practice you will need to plan your cleaning over several days, especially if you have neglected cleaning during your occupancy.

Please call 01904 411111 if you have any questions, or would simply like more information, alternatively contact us now.